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Best Beautiful Spots to Visit Autumn Season in North India


After the continuous working for several months, it is required to visit or to go for a tour just to relax. When we talk about tourism India is the best place to visit once. Indian has a vast culture and when you move to the different states of the country you will find a rich culture and traditions of every different state. Right from the north to the south portion of the country, you will find some amazing spots that you want to visit again and again. India and Indians are known to welcome the guests wholeheartedly and thus it has a slogan that signifies that the guests are equal to god. There are some of the best places in India that you will need to visit for sure and they are known as Tajmahal at agra , natural beauty of Kerala , beaches of goa , rich and colorful culture of Rajasthan etc…. you will find the beautiful nature’s sceneries that will mesmerize you and the waterfalls and valleys around the mountains will surely attract your attention. Now we will let you know some of the amazing spots to visit in India.

Chadar- Frozen river

It is a dream of everyone to walk o the frozen river. Yes, it is the destination that you will want to go again and again. This one is the thrilling and exciting journey to trek over the frozen river known as chadar that will connect the Zanskar valley villages with the frozen and thrilled Zanskar River.



Next spot to visit is the Rishikesh. There are many adventurous activities that you can do in the Rishikesh like river crossing, bungee jumping, river rafting etc. you will truly mesmerize with the natural beauty of the spot. You can also have the camp fire in the resort in which you have stayed and enjoy with the family and friends in the natural valley of Rishikesh



Dharamshala of the Himachal is the next place to visit as it has an awesome weather and natural beauty to relax with the family and friends. It has big pine trees and deodar backwoods. With the snowy air you will feel the coziness of the winter and if you want to spend some of your time with yourself then it is the best place to visit.


There are many more places to visit in North Indian like the Ladakh, Manali , har ki doon trek , Markha valley etc . India has a rich and colorful culture and if you want to explore more , visit the country of cultures and rituals.

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