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Better Gaming Experience with all new Samsung gear VR


Samsung is a brand name that again in the news but this time it is not a Smartphone but actually it’s a Samsung gear VR. The concept of virtual reality is booming with time and now a popular technology in the gaming world. It is simply amazing to watch movies and to play games with the Virtual reality as it will let you experience some best involved moments with the virtual world. With the stereo sound technique, it is also possible to have the best experience with the gaming and movies of the modern world.


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  • With the large display of the Samsung gear that has 101 degrees wide field view with the Samsung gear VR you can now have a better vision of movies and games. Ultra high resolution of the Samsung gear VR gives a better 3D viewing experience. The earlier version was available on the market with the 96-degree viewing angle so this Samsung gear VR will give you better immersive experience with the movies and theater.
  • The new headset o the Samsung gear VR is now connected to the Phone with the USB Type–C connector that is compatible with all the Samsung Smartphone.
  • The headphone padding is now comfortable while putting on the ears as it is thicker and agile comparatively with the earlier version.
  • The earlier version has the white plastic body and so the newer version of the Samsung gear VR will have a black plastic body that will diminish the issues with the earlier version of the Samsung gear VR.
  • It is now a flat touchpad, having an oculus home button now with the better navigation and impressive design having a darker body and stylish look, all these features make it an incredible gadget to have a better gaming and movies experience.


This Samsung gear VR seems to be an improved and better version as it covers most of the pitfalls of the earlier version of Samsung gear VR. It will have a weight of approx 312 g. the newer Samsung gear VR will land up with a new combination of bluish–Black color combination that finishes the Samsung gear VR body a remarkable difference with the earlier models of the Samsung gear VR. It turns out to be a comfortable device with the extra paddings over the ear areas. A better wider viewing angle will be a added advantage with the Samsung gear VR.


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