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HTC 11 Smartphone May bang on in the Coming year


HTC is all set to come up with the new Smartphone which is widely known as the HTC 11.The upcoming HTC 11 may be banged with some amazing features and specifications.

As per the news, some are saying it as the successor of HTC 10. HTC always wants to be specific and it does not launch a number of Smartphone in a year else it believe in launching a Smartphone with some of the amazing features that will occupy the market.


Expected Specifications

There are some rumors about the upcoming Smartphone and it is expected that the Smartphone may have a display screen size of 5.5 inches if the Smartphone would have display screen size of more than 5.5 inches than it may fall into the category of the Phablet with the bigger screen size . For the HTC 11 Smartphone, 5.5 inches screen size is really large as compared to most of the Smartphone. It is also expected with the upcoming Smartphone that it may have a primary camera of 15 MP if it is true then the Smartphone will give you better quality images and video recording with the HTC 11.

It is also expected with the upcoming HTC 11 that it may also come up with an attractive design as we are seeing a similar design from the last few years in the Smartphone design. We could expect a better design and looks with the upcoming Smartphone HTC 11 that will be different and unique comparatively with other mobile phone designs.


Expected Price

It is also possible that the company may offer some new technologies with te upcoming Smartphone like VR or the Wireless headphones. It may be a deal that will offer by the company to grab attention and customers in a larger numbers.  If we talk about the RAM of the upcoming HTC 11 then it may have a great 6 GB or 8 GB RAM with the Smartphone this time. According to the previous HTC Smartphone, it is expected to have a price range around 50000 INR to the 60000 INR. HTC devices always in the topmost of the list if you compare the HTC Smartphones with others Smartphones and it may be the reason for its higher price in the market.

Well, these are all based on the rumors and expectations that are trending nowadays so it would be difficult to give you an accurate idea about the specifications and the features of the Smartphone and we could only expect and believe the rumors till now. It may also be possible that the product will turn out as a different product at last.

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