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The Best Android Action Games that feature on the top of the list!

WWE Immortals

Within the entire gaming arena, the action genre that has been featured on the Google Play store counts a thrilling line or listing of action packed games each and every month. These games range from the powerful fighting games precisely on down to the third/first-person sharp shooters. The genre of action has been fully packed by means of a huge amount of quality being witnessed and experience owing to the class that they provide. We all have come in to a new year, which usually signifies that we all must have all new games to be enthusiastic for.

Thus, here you can check out the listing of the top and the best Android action games that have been admired a lot by the users.

The Witcher Battle Arena

The Witcher franchise has come into the MOBA arena owing to this really addictive smartphone battling game. The Witcher Battle Arena makes use of the three face to face with three battles for the party possession of pillars. You are going to have a shot at making good utilization of melee focused warriors, magic by means of wizards and an array of fighters. There is a huge amount of recognizable characters from The Witcher sequence to grow charmed with and make it stronger.

The Witcher Battle Arena

WWE Immortals

The explosives, and costly lighting and those suplexes of the WWE have usually taken a thrilling face lift for a variety of Android devices. This one is a three-on-three battle game which has given a new look to your favorite WWE WrestleMania Superstars into some supernatural warriors and it further enhances the bet by the way they maneuver their signature fighting moves as well as those the things they tend to do while wrestling in the ring. So, you are going to have a lot to work with whilst you fight with your dominant opponents.

WWE Immortals

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

The Gameloft’s galaxy traversing first-person shooter seems even more enhanced as compared to its final two predecessors. There’s an excellent story mode to become busy in and there’s abundance of repulsive aliens to put waste to. This shooter has the same potential that a few of the top shooters you’ve enjoyed on those gaming consoles, so you might anticipate a pleasant shooting frolic down here.

N.O.V.A. 3 Freedom Edition

Weak Warrior

Your small armor clothed warrior isn’t precisely the strongest guy on the battleground. Wear Warrior is an easy affair, but its amusing factor is going to keep you stuck to the screen. The goblins and those skeletons attack your screen from every side and you’ll require keeping your sword being warrior ready. The unruffled special capabilities enhance this game’s swag aspect.

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